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Board of Directors

Mr. Li Feng Mao
Chairman and Non-executive Director

aged 47, was appointed as an executive director and the Chairman of the Company on 6 November 2015. Mr. Li is an entrepreneur who focused on investment holding and corporate management and has investments in various enterprises mainly located in the Jilin province, China. The business of these enterprises cover railroad communication & logistics, mining and refinery, natural resources, property development, banking, and financial leasing, etc. Mr. Li holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree awarded by the Jilin University of China. Mr. Li is the sole owner of HK Guoxin Investment Group Limited, the controlling shareholder of the Company. He is also director of several subsidiaries of the Company.

Mr. Chen Meng
Executive Director 

aged 44, was appointed as an executive director of the Company on 6 November 2015. Mr. Chen has abundance experience in corporate management, investment and capital management. Mr. Chan is currently the General Manager of Xin Tian Di Group Jilin Investment Company Limited and Xin Tian Di Investment Group Changchun Zhi Ye Company Limited. He was the general manager of Jilin Long Xin Asset Management Company from 2003 to 2006. Prior to that he was in charge of the Finance department of the Changchun office of China Petroleum Shares Company Limited. He is also a director of a subsidiary of the Company.

Mr. Wang Song Ling
Independent Non-executive director

aged 63, was appointed as an independent non-executive director, the chairman of the Nomination Committee and a member of each of the Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee of the Company on 21 July 2017. He was the Chairman of the Board of China Jilin Province International Economic and Technological Cooperation Company (中國吉林省國際經濟技術合作公司) since 2004 until his retirement in 2011. Prior to that, he was the director of China Jilin Forest Industry Group Company (中國吉林省森林工業集團公司) and the director of China Jilin Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. (吉林森林工業集團有限責任公司) of that group, which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China and one of the four largest enterprises in the forestry industry in China. Mr. Wang was also the general manager and the first Chairman of Jilin Forestry Resources Development Company (吉林省林業資源開發 公司) and Jilin Quanyangquan Drinks Company (吉林省泉陽泉飲品公司) respectively, and succeeded in developing the Quanyangquan mineral water (泉陽泉礦泉水) for its launching. Mr. Wang is a postgraduate from Party School of Jilin Provincial Committee (吉林省委黨 校), and graduated from its Economics and Management Department (經濟管理專業研究院) in 2004. He also graduated from the Institute of Education in Siping City (四平市教育學院) and the Agriculture and Mechanics College in Jilin Province (吉林省農業機械化學校) respectively. He has extensive experience in corporate planning and management.

Mr. Zhou Chen
Executive Director 

aged 36, has extensive experience in auditing, accounting, financial management and corporate finance. He was the chief treasury officer of the Company from June 2016 to January 2018, where he was in charge of the Group’s accounting and corporate finance matters. Mr. Zhou has been the chief financial officer of Yamada Green Resources Limited (stock code: BJV), a company listed on the Singapore Exchange (the “SGX”) since January 2018. From October 2015 to June 2016, Mr. Zhou was the chief financial officer and the company secretary of Asia Fashion Holdings Limited (stock code: BQI), a company listed on the Singapore Exchange. During the period from October 2013 to October 2015, he had been a general manager of investment and corporate finance of Bayon Airlines Holdings Limited, an enterprise risk manager and internal control manager of Tee International Limited (stock code: M1Z), a company listed on the SGX, and the finance manager of a Singapore private company where he was in charge of accounting and initial public offering process. Between 2008 and 2013, Mr. Zhou worked at Singapore local audit firms and was responsible for, amongst others, auditing companies incorporated in China and listed on the SGX.


Mr. Zhou is an affiliate of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and is a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. He obtained an advanced diploma in accountancy from Xiamen University in December 2016. Mr. Zhou graduated from Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom with a bachelor of science degree in applied accounting in July 2008.


Mr. Zhou is currently an independent non-executive director of a company listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, namely Wuzhou International Holdings Limited (stock code: 1369) since December 2017.

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