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Risk Management and Internal Control 

Risk Management and Internal Control

The Board has overall responsibility for evaluating and determining the nature and extent of the risks it is willing to take in achieving the Group’s strategic objectives, and maintaining appropriate and effective risk management and internal control systems for the Group. The systems of the Group are designed to manage the risk of failure to achieve business objectives, and can only provide reasonable and not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss. 


The management of the Company has established a set of comprehensive policies, standards and procedures in areas of operational, financial and risk controls for safeguarding assets against unauthorized use or disposition; for maintaining proper accounting records; and for ensuring the reliability of financial information to achieve a satisfactory level of assurance against the likelihood of the occurrence of fraud and errors. 


The Board has overseen the Company’s risk management and internal control systems on an ongoing basis. Year-end review of the effectiveness of the Company’s and its subsidiaries risk management and internal control systems has been conducted annually and the systems are considered to be effective and adequate. The Company also has engaged external internal audit firm to conduct the analysis and independent appraisal of the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems, and has procedures in place to keep information confidential and manage actual or potential conflicts of interest. Stringent internal structures have been designed to prevent the misuse of inside information and avoid conflicts of interest.

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